Standby Annual
Preventative Maintenance

Change Oil, Spark Plugs, Oil Filter, Check and adjust voltage Output, Inspect and clean battery terminals, (and replace Battery if needed for additional cost), Clear maintenance codes, Set time and date, Wiring inspection, Upload updates as needed.  Valve adjustment as needed ( for an additional cost).  Clean or replace air filter as needed (for an additional cost).


Standby Repair Work

Warranty Certified for Generac and Generac Branded Units. We will diagnose the problem with your unit, and repair or replace parts.  Have a problem with generator running but not producing power to the house? We repair that, too. Many parts in stock.

Portable Maintenance and Repair Work

We are a mobile repair shop. We come to you and fix:  Hard Start, Carburetor Issues, Fuel leaks, Replace Parts, Fix Oil leaks, Battery Replacement, Electrical Output Issues, etc. We do not except drop offs.

About us

We are a mobile generator repair and maintenance company with over 30 years of experience. Certified in Air-cooled Generac and Generac Branded Units.  We work on many different types of Air-cooled Generators. Contact us for more information. 


Have any questions? We are always here to talk about

your generator and how we can help you. Call or Text 248-628-2601