If there is a problem with your unit, we can: come out,
diagnosis the problem, fix and/or order parts needed
and get you up and running.

This is two years without an oil change! It is recommended the oil be changed every 200 hours or 1 year, whichever comes first.
Not changing the oil can cause engine damage.

Hit by a lawn mower, front cover needed to be replaced!

If you don't know how to adjust the valves, leave it to the professionals. This muffler blew out from a bad valve adjustment!

Need your motor replaced?
Yes, I can do that, too.

A split coil wire from the
flywheel, wire was replaced.

Blown Capacitor, replaced!

Ice on the meter lines
can cause problems.

Make sure you
spray for bee's!

Wire broke and
brush went bad,
had to replace both.

Don't plug in too much during
your power outage, you could overload the breaker.

Burnt connectors from a
lightning strike.
Had to replace the connectors.

The valve came out and stuck in the top of the piston.

Mouse made a home inside the generator. Make sure you check inside it periodically, they can

 chew up wires and cause 

all kinds of damage.